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  1. Acquisitions 

    1. Smarterer Acquisition FAQ
    2. How does Smarterer work?
    3. How does Smarterer help me?
    4. What will happen with my current Pluralsight assessment results?
    5. Why did Pluralsight acquire Digital-Tutors?
  2. Code School for Pluralsight corporate plans 

    1. What is happening with corporate members that want Pluralsight and Code School?
    2. How will Code School access work for corporate members?
    3. What does it mean when a member merges their user ID and passwords?
    4. I’m a plan manager, what if my Pluralsight users already have a Code School individual account?
    5. I’m a plan manager, where can I get reporting on Code School?
  3. Free Trials 

    1. Free Trial FAQ
    2. Can I take assessments during my free trial?
    3. I have a Monthly Plus Trial. Why can't I get offline viewing to work?
    4. Wow, the 200 minutes on my trial went really quick. What's up?
    5. How do I convert my free trial into an Annual or Annual Plus subscription?
  4. Subscriptions 

    1. What type of subscriptions do you offer?
    2. At the end of my individual subscription will it auto-renew?
    3. Are there a certain number of months I have to purchase?
    4. Can I log in from more than one computer?
    5. How do I link my corporate invite to an existing account?
  5. Pricing and Payment 

    1. What payment methods can I use to purchase your training?
    2. Do you offer academic institution discounts or pricing for students?
    3. Do you offer corporate or government discounts?
    4. Can I get a discount if I have a business, but I need less than 26 licenses?
    5. What currency do you bill in?
  6. Minimum Requirements 

    1. How much bandwidth do I need?
    2. How should I configure my firewall and mail servers so my company can use Pluralsight?
    3. What browsers do you support?
    4. What software do I need to have installed on my computer in order to use the library from my web browser?
    5. Can I watch your videos on Linux?
  7. Mobile Players and Offline Viewing 

    1. Offline Viewing FAQ
    2. Mobile Apps FAQ
    3. I can't log in on your mobile apps.
    4. How do I install the Offline Player onto my Mac without changing my security settings?
  8. Small Business Subscriptions (up to 25 licenses) 

    1. Do you offer multi-user licenses?
    2. How can I print an invoice (receipt) for my small business plan?
    3. How can I remove a member from my Small Business plan?
    4. How do I add a plan manager on my small business plan?
    5. How do I add a team member to my small business plan?
  9. Content and Courses 

    1. Exercise Files FAQ
    2. Discussion Boards FAQ
    3. How do I create a playlist?
    4. How do I share Playlists?
    5. How can I get to the old course library?
  10. Assessments 

    1. Assessments FAQ
    2. Learning Checks: updates to assessments and assessment reporting
    3. How do I show my certificate of completion on Linkedin?
    4. How do I print my course completion certificate(s)?
    5. What is your certificate's credibility in the workplace?
  11. Troubleshooting 

    1. Why wont my video stop buffering?
    2. My video keeps stopping. What do I do?
    3. Can I play the videos back at a faster speed?
    4. Why do you make me fill out a CAPTCHA when I log in?
    5. How do I restore my "My Videos" folder if I've deleted it?
  12. Certifications 

    1. Certifications FAQ
    2. What type of success rates does your training have?
    3. Do you offer a guarantee I will pass my exam?
  13. Visual Studio Partnership 

    1. Does Pluralsight have a benefit for Visual Studio subscribers?
    2. Does Pluralsight have a benefit for Visual Studio Dev Essentials program?
    3. How do I sign up for my Visual Studio subscription benefit?
    4. How do I Sign up with my Visual Studio Dev Essentials' account?
    5. Which Courses are Included with the benefit?
  14. Partnerships 

    1. CompTIA Partnership
    2. Do you still offer complimentary subscriptions for Microsoft MVP's and RD's?
    3. I'm a vExpert... What about me?
    4. Does Pluralsight still have an agreement with Microsoft DreamSpark to provide training benefits to students?
    5. Does Pluralsight still have an agreement with Microsoft WebsiteSpark?
  15. All articles 

    1. How much bandwidth do I need?
    2. How can I obtain sponsorship from Pluralsight for my user group or event?
    3. Do you offer multi-user licenses?
    4. What is your Privacy Policy?
    5. How do I uninstall the Offline Viewer for PC/Mac?

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